Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons 3.1.0

A seasonal twist on Angry Birds


  • Faithful to the Angry Birds original
  • Lots of new levels and seasons
  • Fun seasonal music
  • Addictive as the original


  • May be too diffcult if you struggle with the original

Very good

Angry Birds Seasons adds a seasonal and festive twist to the hugely popular Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds Seasons includes more than 200 seasonal variations on the game including Angry Birds Halloween, Mooncake Festival, St. Patrick's Day and Angry Birds Christmas.

The gameplay of Angry Birds Seasons is exactly the same as predecessors Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio i.e. catapult the birds into towers of stone to destroy them. If you hit them at the right angle, the green pigs are harvested and the points gained allow you to move to the next level.

There is therefore very little difference from the original game but the level of difficulty is a bit higher and more challenging.

If you're a big fan of Angry Birds, then you'll love Angry Birds Seasons.

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Angry Birds Seasons


Angry Birds Seasons 3.1.0

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